Screen Printing



01. a design is created

A customer creates a one of a kind design with our builder.

02. colors are chosen

The more colors you add, the more expensive your custom threads will be. Keep that in mind.

03. locate a print area

There's tons of areas to print on when it comes to threads! What we offer are: Full Front, Full Back, & Left Chest.

04. a design is submitted

exciting stuff! your design is sent through our portal and will review it internally.

05. approved or denied

You will get a confirmation from us approving or denying your design order. You may just need to make some small adjustments to get it back on track.

06. threads production

Your design is prepped to be produced either through vinyl or a screen printed design. Depending on how many shirts you order will decide this.

07. shipping & delivery

Once your order is finished, we check it for quality assurance. Then, it is shipped and delivered straight to you!

Popular Questions

Each color on a screen printed piece means an extra screen we must create on our press. Due to the creation of extra designs being burned and an addition of print time, the price will dramatically go up.

We understand your time and events are precious to you. We try our best to turn around jobs within 1-2 weeks.


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